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      Sunday, March 14 2010 - 12:14 PM CDT
      Posted by Lance

      Did I say August?
      Friday, November 13 2009 - 2:35 PM CST
      Posted by Lance

      I didn't say SHIT, good sir. Ant's got a pile of scripts I wrote with the better half of my ass (the one with the strategically-placed mole I've named "Mr. Moley") that he's finally got a chance to start on.

      Meanwhile, Ant's been subbing for Hepting over at Slackerz, and I've been doing some light ghost-co-writing (I don't know if this is an actual term, but it works so I'll go with it) over there as well.


      Wednesday, July 8 2009 - 8:59 AM CDT
      Posted by Lance

      No, I'm not dead. It's been over a fucking year, but I am not dead. Our pal Scotterson Smiff asked us for a guest comic this week, so we delivered.

      Quick update while I'm at it: we have a new site launching next month with a regularly updated comic, co-written by Scott. Ant's currently sitting on a stack of scripts I've sent him for Supafine, including the conclusion of the first Trigger story (two years overdue!) so we'll see how we manage this. LATER YA FUCKS!

      Like that Pizza Shop on the Corner
      Wednesday, June 4 2008 - 4:20 PM CDT
      Posted by Anthony

      You know the one. It's always a pizza shop, but it's never the same one for over a year. Always a different pizza shop with a new exciting name but maybe the location just wasn't good enough or it just seems like business keeps getting stifled but new companies keep trying that same location anyway.

      That's a lot like Supafine. Its got a new comic every year but it's never seen through. I don't know how it works, someone gets tired of it or life just gets too hectic for the other and we just put it off. Then we sit you here every Monday to just kinda click it, sigh, and close it.

      Well not anymore. I'm officially announcing my weekly Supafine resignation after spending an entire 0 minutes telling Lance (hi, Lance!).

      I know how this looks, believe me, I know. "Oh look at this asshole quittin' on his friend because he's got his own project he wants to do." That's not actually the case, and any time I spend arguing against this point makes me appear more guilty of it. Just know that I'm doing this because Lance won't do it.

      I'll do any spare projects Lance wants to write or finish up, such as Trigger or Ninja Death Star Man or even a new Fantasticness arc. All that is required is for Lance to write the ENTIRE THING before I start it. That's my only requirement. Supafine is hereby a business relationship between Lance and I. If Lance gives no deadline with a project script I will work on it at my own pace.

      I know, I know, you're worried that you just got Happy back and now he's going away again. But there's nothing stopping Lance from writing a full Happy arc and giving it to me in one shot. Actually there was literally nothing stopping him from writing a script a week period. I honestly just think the magic is gone, it is for me anyway.

      I'm not bumping AA to 3 times a week just yet. It's a pretty good possibility that I will eventually. But not just yet.

      Lance is a fantastic friend and roommate and I love him to death. This is seriously for the best you don't even know. I promise.

      TL,DR: I QUIT.

      Monday, May 19 2008 - 3:32 PM CDT
      Posted by Lance

      Sorry about the two week break between comics, I just didn't really feel like writing anything for a while. At least I came back this time!

      Now for something important:
      I read the first two issues of Ultimates 3, and I can't believe how angry I became over them. The first two volumes of The Ultimates was phenominal, and then the third one starts up and it's like Jeph Loeb just really wanted to take a shit in Mark Millar's mouth.


      My Eye is Bugging Me.
      Monday, April 28 2008 - 1:26 AM CDT
      Posted by Anthony

      My glasses are probably dirty. Lance wanted to try sitting down and actually writing the comic TOGETHER but it turns out that we are the worst two people for that. So he sat behind me while I worked on a guest comic and just typed this badboy up. I think the writing was strong but I think I didn't do it any visual justice. Oh well!

      Do you want some awesome Ant art injection that you can't get anywhere else? Hit up KC Green's Horribleville for a pretty sweet bit of guest comic from me! I'm pretending that the webcomic big leagues like me!

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