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      Written by Lance Benson
      Art by Anthony Bianchi and Wendy Lam
      Original Run: February 2005-April 2006.

      New Beginnings
      One For the Gripper
      The Corporate Escalator
      Last Requests
      Nobody Liked Him, Anyways
      So Timely
      Your Tax Dollars in Action
      Big Business, Big Guns
         Not That There is Anything Wrong With it
         The Epitome of Evil
         Plan B
         From the Desk of All That is Man
         BOSS BATTLE
         Place Your Bets Now
         As Expected...
         This Kind of Thing Happens All the Time
      Doing it HORIZONTALLY
      It Soothes Burns, You See
      Try To Do Something Nice, Get Spat On
      Why Has Nobody Thought of This?
      DEAD TO ME
         Like You Never Did It
         I Would Have Killed to Get a Gay Scoutmaster


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